This is a phrase used frequently in business when a task or project must be completed correctly otherwise the results can be damaging or severe.

If you manage an operation you know you cannot fail to ship orders, or receive product or keep the production line running or any other “mission critical” task or project.

What about your safety program?  Is that mission critical also?  Any of us who have been responsible for managing a group of employees doing physical work would say “absolutely”.   So how successful has your safety program been in terms of reducing or eliminating the most common injury type;  back strains or sprains?

If you are like most managers or directors you’ll admit your results are mediocre at best.

You might have tried to implement a safe lifting or pre-shift stretching program only to see it fall out of favor with the team. There are many reasons for failure and most of them have nothing to do with you. It really has to do with what you are asking your team to do.  

People are creatures of habit and will regress to their old habits. This includes how they lift both at work and at home. Your back program showed them how to lift with their legs to reduce strain on their back. This is not a natural way to lift for most, so when the boss isn’t looking they return to what they have always done; bend over and lift with their back. Of course that’s when the injuries return.

You know the high cost of back injuries to your team in lost time, lost productivity, medical costs and morale issues. Reducing or eliminating them (yes you can ELIMINATE back injuries) requires you to understand what goes through a person’s mind seconds before they lift something.  In a microsecond they think about the right way to lift (with their legs) and quickly dismiss that idea and bend over (with their back).

It’s what they have always done for literally 20 or 30 years of lifting and one training session of “lift with your legs” isn’t going to change that. The key is in that microsecond of decision before they lift.  We need to give them a reason to lift differently, something that is easier than what they’ve always done (lift with the back). 

It’s called PowerLift and it is literally a new way to lift that people say is more “natural” and becomes their default way of lifting. It involves using your legs instead of your back but unlike traditional lifting methods it uses a wide stance and a heads up approach. The result is the load being lifted feels lighter and easier to lift. It is a more natural way for the body to lift. When something is easier, then it becomes the default and in that microsecond of decision, the employee chooses the easier, more natural way to lift. So you, as the manager, are not relying on threats, rewards or fear to get your team to practice safe lifting (we all know those don’t work anyway). Instead each person makes the choice to use the method that feels more natural to them and that also happens to be the method that protects their back when lifting.

Over the past several years we have trained teams at hundreds of companies on PowerLift and literally, all of them have seen a reduction in back strains and sprains. The reasons are simple: It’s a more “natural” way to lift, it protects the back and people automatically choose this in that microsecond before they lift because it’s easier and more natural.

Some of the biggest names in manufacturing and production have introduced PowerLift and found it reduced their back injuries significantly, in some cases completely.  Names like Caterpillar, Dow, USPS, Pfizer, 3M and others have realized the benefits of PowerLift training.

We are experts at this and will train your trainers and employees at your site and show you how proper lifting, in your environment with your products, can be natural and safe. 

PowerLift is surprisingly affordable and we provide not only initial training but ongoing support and materials to engage your employees in their everyday life both at work and at home.

Let us make safe lifting the default at your company. Take just a microsecond to review the link below and find out how PowerLift can make a difference to you and your employees.

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