MSHA 46 Training: 6 Course Bundle


  • The MSHA part 46 training course is a full application safety and health educational platform, featuring safety and health training for people of all technical abilities. Participants of our offerings will be able to more readily identify, mitigate, and prevent common safety risks within daily obligations.
  • Purchase the 6 part MSHA 46 training course bundle today and be on your way to MSHA certification for you and your entire surface mining team.


  • MSHA 46 Training: 6 Course Bundle
  • MSHA part 46 training is an online training program developed by the mine safety professionals at South Central College. There are currently six lessons, which cover surface miner training topics from the MSHA part 46 standard. These lessons include Hazard Communication, Machine Guarding, Electrical Safety, Workplace Examination, Miners Rights, and PPE.
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