MSHA 46 Training: Hazard Communication


Participants of this course will gain concrete knowledge in how to protect themselves from hazardous materials and how to properly document and communicate these types of hazards.



MSHA 46 Training: Hazcom for the Mining Industry
Duration: 30 minutes of content, approximately 45 minutes to complete.
Audience: Surface Mining Industry
Overview: This course explains Hazard Communication requirements for miners, and how tools like SDS sheets and GHS-compliant labels keep us safe.

No matter what your role is on the mine site, we all have the right to know about the different types of hazardous agents we may be exposed to on the job. Hazards come in many forms, whether it?s chemicals, biohazard, heat, or noise. All of these things can cause us harm if we don?t take some basic steps to protect ourselves. This is an especially important topic here in the world of mining. With so many different materials and equipment being used across many departments, keeping track of all of the hazards can be a real challenge. Fortunately there are some useful tools that can help miners stay safe and comfortable on the job.
This course will cover 4 main areas of Hazard Communication:

  • How hazardous chemicals can affect your safety
  • Identifying hazardous chemicals in the work place
  • How SDS sheets and labels keep you safe
  • Steps you can take to protect yourself

Hazardous agents are a constant threat, and miners need to be vigilant in applying what they learn from this course by identifying, labeling, and protecting themselves from any new hazards that might come about.

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