MSHA 46 Training: Workplace Examinations


The Workplace Examinations Course is an overview of key mining safety topics and equips miners with tools for spotting and eliminating hazards on every shift.



MSHA Part 46 Training:
Workplace Examinations

Duration: 30 minutes of content, approximately 45 minutes to complete.
Audience: Surface Mining Industry
Overview: This course demonstrates the importance of situational awareness at the mine site and instructs miners in how to meet the MSHA standards for conducting workplace examinations.

Working as a trainer in this industry you end up on a lot of mining news email lists. The messages can be pretty interesting, but there?s one kind of email you never like to see show up in your inbox and that?s what MSHA calls a Fatalgram. When you get one, it means that somewhere in America another miner just lost their life on the job. It?s something that no one expects to happen, but emails like this and other sad stories prove that accidents can strike anywhere. Miners getting pulled into equipment, crushed, shocked, run over, and on top of that there are thousands of accidents where the victim survives but with injuries that will likely affect them for the rest of their lives. The sad fact is, so many of these accidents could have been prevented if someone had noticed that there was a problem and done something about it before it lead to a tragic accident. That?s what Workplace Examinations are all about and that?s what this course deals with specifically. This course will cover the rules and regulations as well as focus on how accidents happen and things we can all do on the job to recognize and eliminate workplace hazards.

Mining is a dangerous industry, and anyone setting foot on a mine site, whether it?s as a miner, a vendor, or anyone exposing themselves to these types of hazards, needs to have their head in the right place when it comes to safety. This course will cover 3 main topics including:

  • How accidents happen
  • The power of observation
  • Performing workplace examinations

In the past 3 years mining operations have reported more than 19,000 work-related injuries to MSHA. That means on an average day in the United States more than 53 miners are getting seriously hurt on the job. That?s why maintaining a safe mine site is so important, because accidents like these have far-reaching effects. We?re all responsible for monitoring our mine sites to make sure that they?re free of potential hazards. MSHA has formalized this responsibility with rules requiring regular safety inspections on an ongoing basis.

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