PowerLift® Training

Reality Based Safety Training

Creating reality-based training ensures the behavioral change necessary to reduce material handling and repetitive motion injuries. Contact us today to learn more about the different training PowerLift® offers and to obtain a price quote. You may also click here to visit our online store hosted by our partner KMI Learning.

Online Overview Module

This unique and engaging online module will give your staff an overview of the PowerLift® lifting, bending and reaching system. It can be used as a freestanding module or as part of a blended learning program with the Train-the-Trainer packages. The module is available in both English and Spanish.
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Online Train-the-Trainer

System includes everything you need to learn to train PowerLift® to your employees plus hundreds of PowerLift® Safety Talks designed to keep the information constantly flowing as reminders to always use safe manual material handling techniques both at home and at work.
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Ongoing: Safety Talks

Over 1200 individual, fully illustrated one-page guides  covering  hundreds of activities— customized to your industry and even including at-work as well as at-home tasks. We can also customize PowerLift® Safety Talks  for your company to depict your employees using your equipment, doing their jobs.
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Other Offerings

Video Safety Talks

Individual, fully illustrated guides covering  hundreds of activities—including at-work as well as at-home tasks. We also customize PowerLift® Safety Talks for your company to depict your employees using your equipment, doing their jobs.
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Posters and Handbooks

Teaches workers safe pushing, pulling, bending, reaching, sitting, standing and lifting techniques in a unique and effective way. While providing real-world examples and easy-to-understand instructions on five different manual material-handling techniques, the program explains in detail how to use PowerLift® for nearly every task you do.
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Added Bonus

Also included in the Training System are fully illustrated Stretching Guides.  They can be used as a facility-wide stretch program or simply handed out to the employees to complete on their own.

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