‘Git’r’Done’ is great. It’s even kinda funny. Until you’re one of its victims

What gets us in trouble is what we don’t hear (or say).

It’s three little words that lurk in the unheard and unsaid when there’s a ‘git’r’done’ mentality. Those three words are: … at any cost. It’s a mission-minded way of thinking that’s great in certain solutions, but can wreak havoc on employee health and wellbeing, to say nothing of morale. And that means that, aside from the once-productive-now-injured employee , the victim who is worst off is the company itself.

The mission minded approach has a dark side

We all know ‘git’r’done’ people. 

They are reliable, hard working and productive. They are often highly successful. You know you can count on them to, well, git’r’done. They’re often the first one in and the last one out. 

And we really, really, really like the results that these people create.

Safety Training

But sacrificing profit for MSK health doesn’t work either
We tend to think of MSK protection and profits as an either/or proposition. But it doesn’t have to be.

Effective (i.e. adequate) training, rather than taking away from profitability, in fact contributes to the bottom line of an organization. For one thing, every workers compensation claim costs about $41,000 on the average. So each worker who stays healthy means that the bottom line is safer by at least that much. For another, if employees remain healthy, they tend to be happier. And happier employees are significantly more productive than their less happy counterparts.

Both – and, rather than either/or

A company requires profits to stay alive. Also true is that a company can and must keep its employees healthy and protected from injury. 

And training is key. 

Like you, we at PowerLift® Training, are committed to a workplace where employees are equipped with the knowledge to do their jobs both safely and well. We offer a training system that empowers employees to be aware of their own safety, as well as the safety of other people around them. Our training encourages and supports a culture of safety within our client organizations, and dramatically reduces MSK injuries. 

And we’re here to help.

We invite you to visit our website and see how PowerLift® Training can make the difference for you and your employees. 


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