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Modjoul Wearable

How it Works

The Modjoul Wearable is a workplace wearable designed to keep employees safe. The sensors in the Modjoul Wearable collect various data from the user to determine their safety while on the job. By collecting data such as location, motion and environment, companies can have a comprehensive view of how their employees operate and in what conditions. Equipped with 8 sensors and GPS, the Modjoul Wearable can provide new data to help companies understand behaviors and activities that lead to injuries. Data is collected based on counts, duration, and rate of the employee’s activities. The Modjoul Wearable can pick up multiple movements and work motions, including walking, sitting, falling, driving, tripping, and more. As the data is collected, the Modjoul Wearable simultaneously converts the data into working “verbs” and transmits the information to the cloud, via WiFi.

Modjoul Dashboard

Once the data is collected, orchestrated and classified, the information is reported in easy-to-understand metrics on the three customizable dashboard views: CEO, Supervisor, and Employee. The dashboard reports are easy to access via the Modjoul app or online and allow the viewer to see an overview and ranking of an employee’s safety. It’s also possible to drill down in the dashboard to look at specific events and to track an employee’s location through the breadcrumb report. To see specific use cases for the Modjoul Wearable, check out our Use Cases Infographic for more details.

Contact Tracing & Social Distancing

User movements and interactions with other Modjoul users are logged and reported to help pinpoint who comes in contact with who. Furthermore, real-time alerts are provided to users if they are less than approximately 6ft away from each other.

Lumbar Safety

Understand the lumbar risk of an employee or a group by quantifying the counts, durations, and angles of bends and twists performed. Feedback and insights for improvement are provided to the user in the form of haptic response, web dashboards, and mobile applications.

Movement Metrics and MET

Quantify employee movement, and opportunities to improve processes by looking at working metrics including walking, sitting/standing, stationary work, and Metabolic Equivalent of Task (MET).

Forklift & Vehicle Driving

A telematic solution that is always on the person while they are operating a forklift or a vehicle. The SMARTBELT tracks duration in/on a vehicle and the number of aggressive events performed by the user.

Modjoul is a data invention company that creates wearable technology to keep employees safe. See how Modjoul’s SmartBelt can improve employee safety and productivity for your company.

The old school in-person training of PowerLift training paired with the high-tech Modjoul belt are the perfect solution to your companies strain and sprain injuries.

Modjoul Health Platform

Contact Tracing – Containing an Infection, Should It Occur

Modjoul Health 2.0 records every contact with another wearer when 2 or more people are within a specified distance for longer than the specified length of time. If a person within the company begins to exhibit or experience symptoms, Modjoul™ Health traces every person in the company with whom the infected individual has come into contact. This enables the company to contain the infection quickly, potentially saving lives.

Peace of Mind in a New Normal – We’re Here to Help 

Many of us may be confident that we are participating in Social Distancing and Contact Tracing. But what about my teammates? Has the person working next to me unknowingly been in contact with someone who has been infected with Covid-19?  Modjoul™ Health 2.0 provides peace of mind, both to your employees, and to your company. And that peace of mind is contained within either a wearable module device or the individual’s app-equipped mobile device.

Social Distancing – Here’s how it works: 

When 2 individuals, equipped with Modjoul™ Health, come within a predetermined proximity for more than a predetermined length of time, Modjoul™ Health warns them by vibrating. This feature helps a company maintain the social distancing necessary to lower the risk of person-to-person transmission of Covid-19. While the default setting for Social Distancing is 6 feet, for 30 seconds, both distance and duration are customizable. Modjoul™ does not recommend a distance setting of greater than 10 feet. 

The module can be worn as a waist clip, a hardhat attachment or placed in a pocket. When worn as a component of the SmartBelt, Modjoul™ Health also provides lumbar safety metrics, keeping its wearers safe when they lift, bend, reach, or move as part of their daily on-the-job activities. 

For areas where traffic is a concern, such as a conference room, or a breakroom, Modjoul™ Health can act as a beacon, tracking the number of people who have been in that location over a period of time. Unlike other social distancing devices, our beacons are not hardwired. Their mobility makes their application and usage highly flexible and adaptable. 

Modjoul™ Health 2.0 will also be downloadable as an app on Android phones later in June, 2020. It is expected to be available for Apple iOS at a later, as yet unspecified date. Symptom Screening, designed for both ease of use, and peace of mind, is available now on both Android and Apple devices.

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