And yes, the Forgetting Curve is a thing. Really.

The Forgetting Curve is based on observations and studies. It shows that within 2 days, people forget about 50% of their training. After 6 days, without intervention, 90% of what was learned is gone. Forgotten.

As someone committed to the safety of your workers, you’ve likely deployed a number of ways to fight the Forgetting Curve, with varying degrees of success. Some – or all – of the following activities may be familiar:

  • Hinting.
  • Prompting.
  • Reminding.
  • Retraining. 
  • Nagging.

It’s natural to forget new information and revert to old habits. It’s human. And at least part of it involves exposure (and practice) over time. Think about it: if we attend a training session that happened a week ago, we’ve had a whole whopping 7 days to practice the new concepts and/or ways of doing things. And that is if we practice diligently and intentionally. But our old habits have had years or even decades of practice. Guess which one will win out if we don’t call in reinforcements? Rhetorical, really.

Reinforcements are Here. We invite you to consider Training, Unforgotten. 

Fighting the Forgetting Curve takes creativity and commitment. And now, that creativity and commitment have been boosted by technology.

PowerLift® Training is a practical and effective material handling system with a proven track record of reducing workplace injury. The techniques and methods have been known to reduce workplace injury by up to 90%

 Ving is a robust and powerful platform that delivers bite-sized learning – called “microbursts” – to your people, with no username or password required. 

Now, PowerLIft® and have teamed up, making the training all the more immediate and powerful. Training, once delivered, is now even more unforgettable, and therefore unforgotten.

It begins with PowerLift® Training 

We call it ‘Train-the-Trainer,’ it’s simple, elegant, and it works like this: 

  • Employees attend a PowerLift® Training session. These employees come from all levels of the company. 
  • They become certified in the PowerLift® Techniques, and become the trainers and coaches to their co-workers. 
  • When a peer-trainer notices a fellow employee handling materials or lifting a load in a way that is potentially injurious, they intervene.
  • They coach the employee to lift safely, working alongside the employee to provide instruction and guidance using proven PowerLift® techniques. 
  • Employees also engage in Safety Talks, short sessions that apply the energy of a team to the challenges experienced by individual team members. Safety Talks also include posters and 1-page instructions, as well as videos.

So far, so good. And very effective. But what is possible when we make the training even more relevant and immediate?

Add Ving’s Microbursts

  • Microbursts are 1 – 5 minutes of training materials or information, delivered by push notifications to a device (or devices).
  • Microbursts are delivered at the exact time and place that the information is needed. 
  • Microbursts can be triggered by QR code, or by a supervisor, manager or peer-coach/peer-trainer.
  • It’s relevant, on-demand information/training, delivered where and when it’s needed, to the person who requires/requests it. 
  • The training can include assessments, if desired.

What it means for the safety of your employees

Pair Ving’s microburst technology with PowerLift® Training, and the safety of your employees just got one heck of a boost. The microbursts serve to keep the training fresh, and reinforce the practice of safe material handling. In effect, they serve to help workers ‘unforget’ their training. 

Pairing PowerLift® Training with VingApp encourages a culture of safety without pulling your employees off the floor for lengthy and time-consuming periods of re-training.

Tracking the results

VingApp monitors and tracks the progress and level of participation among employees according to parameters set by managerial and supervisory staff. It’s a deeper understanding of where the training, instruction or information is most needed, as well as an additional, deeper layer of accountability.

Training, UNforgotten.

The methods used by PowerLift® can be (and have been) applied to a number of industries or occupations where people engage in lifting and/or lowering objects, bend, stretch or reach for something as part of their everyday life. When you really think about it, PowerLift® can be used anywhere, even outside the workplace.

And,, with its library of courses covering over 1,000 various industries, can deliver learning immediately, the moment that information is needed. 

PowerLift® Training and is a match made in safety training heaven. Yeah, that was really corny. But let’s just say that it’s the perfect combination of tools that will make your safety training unforgettable.

To find out more about how and PowerLift® Training can bring unforgettable training to your workforce, contact us…

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