Many of us use the Golfer’s Bend technique for reaching into deep containers and for picking small objects off of the floor. Even though this is a common lift, there are some fine points about the Golfer’s Bend that we should all know.

A Golfer’s Bend should never be an unsupported type lift. In other words, don’t do a Golfer’s Bend in a free-standing position without hanging onto something for balance. This is especially true in an industrial setting. Golfer’s Bends should always be accomplished supported. Support yourself either by hanging onto a sturdy object with one hand, or by leaning your waist or thigh against a sturdy object as the lift is accomplished. Another interesting aspect of the Golfer’s Bend is that it should be a crossover type of lift. In other words, if you are hanging onto an object for support with your right hand, then it is your left hip that does the pivoting and your left foot that stays on the floor. This broadens your base from the right hand to the left foot. The opposite is true if the left hand is supporting, then the right hip does the pivoting and the right foot stays on the floor.

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