PowerLift Training – Online Coaching Sessions

PowerLift training sessions are now available online as webinar coaching sessions. This Course can be administered as a Train-the-Trainer or Staff training classes. This webinar style training can also be used in conjunction with the Online Train-the-Trainer course or the Online Overview Course. Pricing may vary based on which training method is selected. Contact us for a quote!


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$249.95 Per Participant


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PowerLift is a revolutionary system that provides new but proven techniques for proper bending, lifting and reaching. 

Due to social distancing restrictions holding live and in person training classes are more of a challenge now than they ever have been. Although training is harder to pull off your employees still need it to remain safe while on the job.

This online training class is intended to deliver the necessary techniques to help workers reduce the chance of injury and strain, to make them stronger and make their work easier. The online class is highly engaging, consisting of video conferencing instruction. The learner is guided through various scenarios showing proper and improper techniques. Interactive components are interspersed with verbal quizzing.

The training class is mobile ready and accessible on computers, tablets, and even smartphones.

 Keep your employees safe during training sessions and train them useful lifting techniques to help keep them safe on the job!

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Train-the-Trainer and Staff training sessions are now being offered as online coaching sessions. New trainers will receive a certificate of completion good for two years.


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