PowerLift Online Overview Video Package


The PowerLift Online Overview Video Package is a way for personnel to be trained remotely or through one on one sessions on sight. We at PowerLift are committed to providing our clients with safe training methods at home or on the job. This video course package is priced at a flat rate per facility.


PowerLift Online Overview Video Package
Content: PowerLift Video Course, Lifting Box Set, PowerLift Training Guide
Audience: Material handling personnel
Overview: The PowerLift Online Overview Video Package is designed so that your employees can practice and learn safe lifting while off-site or at home.

This package includes a downloadable video link that can be shared within your company’s network, a lifting box set and a training guide that explains how to put the boxes together with useful training tips. During the video course, users will be asked to pause the video several times to practice each technique demonstrated. Participants will learn the 6 basic PowerLift techniques that they can use at home and when they return to work.

This is the optimum training module while practicing social distancing. Provide your employees with safe training methods even when they might not be able to be at work.

PowerLift Online Overview Video Preview


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