PowerLift Distribution Safety Talk Videos


The price is for a 2-year license to the material and is quoted per physical facility. Subsequent 2-year renewals are available at a 50% discount. Must be a valid PowerLift license holder to purchase this product.


PowerLift Material Handling Distribution Safety Talk Videos
Content: 20 1-3 minute Safety Talk Videos.
Audience: Material handling personnel within the distribution industry.
Overview: These short videos can be used as a weekly or monthly safety briefing or as refresher training for PowerLift trained employees.

These unique and powerful safety tools enable you to keep the techniques your people have learned top of mind in the weeks and months to come. Show these videos for weekly or monthly safety meetings. Reality-based training ensures the behavioral change necessary to reduce material handling and repetitive motion injuries. And since good lifting should not stop when your people leave your building we also offer safety talks for lifting safety, as well as seasonal safety talks.

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